LOL a hostile take over of a collection of cow pasture lands that were recently sold to this company for cheap... keep dreaming.  Mayve we can sell it back to the original owners for 50 percent off to salvage some money for shareholders.

apapas1973 wrote:
This has all been disappointing to say the least. There should be no fundamental reason for CNC being down here. Especially in an industry that's in its first inning. The problem with this persistent selling and depressed price is it will inevitably open up the door for a hostile takeover to come. We will be lucky to get a fraction of what we're thinking unless we go through a bidding war. For people thinking they'll buy more sub $1, you have to remember something. Compare the state of the company when it was last sub $1 and how much they've progressed to this point. Expanded properties, increased resource, raised financing, actively moving forward with permit process etc, etc. There should be zero reason and I mean zero, for this to be sub $1. We are not the same company today, that we were then. There are only 2 reasons for this to be down here. Either a fundamental problem with the business model (which I'm not suspecting), or purposely depressing the price for someone to accumulate and attempt a takeover from these levels. The thing is there's hardly any volume, so even accumulating would be difficult but they could still attempt the hostile takeover...I'll post some final targets in the following post. GLTA. We're going to need it.