A number of companies are focussing on battery chemistries without nickel and that perform better.

"Lithium-sulfur battery chemistry is typically used only in academic labs. But by using nanotechnology to manipulate carbon atoms, Lyten has found a way to make it competitive with the nickel-based batteries favored in the US, and outperform the lithium-phosphate, or LFP, batteries favored in China, said Dan Cook, Lyten’s chief executive officer."

Bill Gates also invested in Quantum Scape who also moved away from nickel.


NiCuAgFan wrote:


3 down (GM) - Several more to go:


GM just secured enough cathode material for 5 million electric vehicles


“GM now says it’s reached a deal with LG Chem, one of South Korea’s premier battery making firms, to lock down a supply of CAM starting later this year.”




“Ford said it has now sourced most of the nickel it needs through 2026 and beyond through deals in Australia, Canada, and Indonesia.



Tesla meanwhile has an agreement to source nickel from Talon Metals’ Tamarack project in central Minnesota, as well as with Vale to source nickel from its Canada operations.”