Crawford isn't a company either lol but it wasn't mentioned but rare another deposit Ring of Fire was the main focus.

EndZonefor7 wrote: Ring of fire isn't a company. Governments don't talk about individual companies in throne speeches. CNC has been mentioned in last few big articles on Ontario mine articles via Pirie. Reading and comprehension is very challenging for you it seems.

GnuckyT wrote:

many meetings but Crawford did not get into the throne speech only the Ring of Fire.


idlefreebird wrote: endzone, i put him back on ignore lol somehow he slipped away...but keep in mind for every article that the ring od fire has with Pirie at the helm a mention of CNC is at the bottom of the article ...he want's and see CNC 's growth as he's had many meetings with Mark as he was Timmns mayor before this new position...glta