Correct billyo. Just talked to Don Myers. He said we will need a very small (PP) of about  $ one million dollars. This will be done in about two weeks from now. I just hope more info of what cyp is doing will be in the PR for the (PP).

I have no problem with a little dilution. I would have preferred the SP to be higher but the market knows unless we get an unexpected trading halt with super news we will be treading water. I have been buying here because it will take very little to move the stock up a ways.

I hope they have a decent brokerage doing the Placement as that can make all the difference going down the road. They will buy more and support the stock. My feeling is it will be 4 million shares at 25 cents to get the $1 m dollars. Warrants around 30 cents will net more. I also believe thats why we have been trading around this level. The little guy (us) are always the last to know.

I have held Cypress for a while and a bit longer is fine. Most of the gamble/risk has been removed with the PEA done. The EV market is in its infancy. The USA needs lithium and we have a lot.