Nice start to the week.  Volume has been picking up over the last few trading days.  I'm still a little disappointed in the current share price, as I'm sure most of us are.  With a $50 million guidance given for one production company this stock should be trading over $0.60 by now.  

In the meantime, I certainly like the five verticals that DM has developed - AI (Nexology), MediCall, drone, Financial Tech and Covid.  It gives the company diversity and allows for a number of different sources for revenue.  

I am extremely pleased to see another million dollar AI contract.  I'm sure there are many more to come.   Given the clean balance sheet and the financial cash position this company is in, they will continue to get larger and larger contracts.  It would be nice to see all divisions of the company bringing in revenue at the same time.  We could see this sometime in Q4.  

The bashers are certainly running out of things to bash about DM.  According to them, we should be worried about the dilution of the stock due to warrant conversions.  Well, all my calulations that I have given in the past have included a fully diluted stock and those numbers (i.e. stock price) for the stock continue to look great!   Plus, don't forget, if or when those warrants get converted it will add addtional cash into the company's bank account.   

Another poster had asked about the 7-11 contract.  If I recall correctly, MG had mentioned that DM's part of the contract, that is the AI part, is running the way it is suppose to, but things are being slowed down due another part of the contract by another company is not quite working correctly.  So it is my understanding that they are waiting on the other company to correct their issues.  

Exciting days, weeks and months ahead!