Thecook100 wrote: I'm actually really scared of this company now. I own quite a bit of shares. Please someone tell me something positive of this company recently. This has been a real tough hit in my portfolio:( oh well let's hope there is a hope and a prayer

In May of 2018 the share price was 14 cents. So in 4 years it has pretty much stayed stagnant other than a 5 month period from mid-February to mid-July 2021 when it briefly broke above the 20 cent level.

With the high number of shares there does not appear to be any great catalyst that will give a quick boost to the share price -- other than an RS and nobody wants that. It appears there is a long road ahead for any significant eise in the share price. Some of us may be too old to see it happen but the CEO is quite young so he has nothing but time in his favour. ie. no need for a sense of urgency from his perspective.