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Melinda Rombouts is one local producer who has made the switch to cannabis.

Her family was growing flowers in a greenhouse operation in Strathroy when she “half-heartedly”applied for a cannabis licence because conditions changed in her industry. But, she said, she became more serious about growing pot after she learned it “was a very positive natural health product.”

“There’s where we jumped into it,” she said. “It’s not a wonder drug that is going to cure everything but it’s positive for so many diseases and medical issues.”

Rombouts is chief executive of Natural MedCo and one of a handful of female leaders in the cannabis industry. One of the first to get its production licence in Canada, Natural MedCo is well into its second greenhouse expansion and by next year it expects to reach one million square feet, about the size of 60 standard hockey rinks.

“Because the greenhouse industry is so strong here in Southwestern Ontario we have a great supply because of our agricultural background,” Rombouts said. “Southwestern Ontario is perfect for greenhouses because of our light levels and heat levels and because of industry strength – we also have so many suppliers and experts here.”

Health Canada has primed the industry to be a major producer of cannabis around the world due to the higher quality of the product, she said.

“Because of the control and requirements that Health Canada has put on us that’s why countries are looking for Canadian licensed producers as opposed to other countries.”

Rombouts said demand for the product has skyrocketed and she doesn’t predict an end to that trend for several years.

A recent Health Canada report predicts demand for cannabis will be much higher than originally anticipated and industry experts are predicting shortages on Oct. 17 – when the drug will officially be legal.

“We are one of the largest producers and we are sold out for the next year,” she said. “If we had three to four times as much product – we probably could have sold it.”