where was the material information release on this gem of a deal?
Secret? No wonder why!

In March 2021, NMC negotiated a large sale of cannabis to a customer in Germany and finalized a purchase order with an initial order value of approximately $2.9 million. The customer paid a deposit of 10 per cent of the order value. After numerous delays, the customer eventually obtained the required import permit and NMC accordingly obtained the required export permits from Health Canada which had an expiry date of November 20, 2021. The customer failed to provide NMC with satisfactory security for payment and the order was not shipped within the required time period of the export permits. NMC was unable to resurrect the order, which was subsequently abandoned. Although NMC was able to sell some of the cannabis inventory earmarked for this order to provincial customers at lower prices, the loss of the approximately $2.6 million balance of this order was a major financial setback to NMC.""