MarlinLong wrote:
your not missing anything. This companay and stock are extremly under the radar in the gold royalty space and also current gold royalty plays sentiment is horrendous. No one cares aboout miners and royalty companies right now. There are zero marginal new buyers coming into FISH these days hence stock meanders around with the occasional big dip when a big investor gets sick of watching paint dry and bails. The 5% div is fantastic and unmatched in the royalty space meanwhile the compnay continues to buyback stock at opportune times and has a number of valuable embedded royalty call options at Mako as it expands its resource and Spring Valley, aslos off course the planned Gavailannes and Coomon wealth spinout. I am happy sticking around and seeing how this plays out and also have low ball bids in in case we get another temporary puke in the stock.


They still have the capital and cash flow to keep buying stock while supporting the dividend. I would argue that any downtick would be temporary making the risk/reward truly exceptional.