You can see from the level 2  ask/bid that there are no sellers left.

Dont like posting everyday but figured after I mentioned yesterday that tax loss season appears

to be behind us,  the level 2s  are confirming that from here it will take nothing to get this stock

to double.    On a valuation basis  the entire company is worth 2.5 million dollars  and isnt it funny

that when the stock was 4X and 5X as much people wanted it but human nature being what it is  ...

when you are handed a bargain  ...  people are not interested when it comes to stocks.  

You have a company which sits right beside a trend which has already shown stellar results so

fundamentally nothing has changed.   Expect the precious metals sector to heat up and 

plays like this one will go into the multiples of what it is now.

Gambier Gold Corp. (CA:GGAU)
Size Bid Ask Size
245000 0.060 0.065 8000
202000 0.055 0.070 26000
164000 0.050 0.075 30000
39000 0.045 0.090 8000
20000 0.035 0.100 50000