On this past Friday the 11th, we filed an extensive 86 page support document requested by PREPA to rank the projects as instructed by the FOMB.  The document is very impressive, detailed, technical and offered ranking proposed by a specific McKinsey valuation model.

We filed the document with the Executive Director of PREPA, certain PREPA senior staff members and the entire PREPA board of directors. 

We further copied the White House (Admiral Peter Brown who is the oval office rep for reconstruction in Puerto Rico), the entire FOMB Board and their Executive Director, the PREB, The Governor, her chief of staff, the Chairman of the Congressional Natural Resources Committe (oversees FOMB),
the Ranking Member, and the energy counsel for the FOMB.  

We had an extensive 8 day 18 hour per day schedule putting this together and we await their formal evaluation and ranking ...

I bought some GRB on Friday and will continue to buy more.