It's unfortunate where we are today but thats what happens when you play with small cap stocks. The lack of information and the amount of uncertainty surrounding GRB is playing right into the hands of the market manipulators who are currently making a quick buck shorting the stock, while the rest of us longs are currently suffering the price. Believe me when I say this the people who make the most noise complaining in these forums are the people with the least amount of skin in the game or shorters trying to cause people to sell through panic.

What I have learned over the years is that the hardest thing is simply to do nothing. While its never a good thing to keep all your eggs in one basket it never hurts to average your position down by adding cheaper shares that for some of us are coming at half the price of our bulk. I believe in the fundamentals of GRB and will continue to add a reasonable amount to lower the average of my position. Nothing good in life comes easy, heres to many more ups than downs in the future.