Update on Montalva and Sage Ranch

Sage Ranch

The Final Planning Commission meeting for Sage Ranch is Nov. 9.  
I will be there, along with dozens of other public supporters including the USAF.


This is not official but I have heard one of the 16 projects dropped out.  There are only 15.
I have further heard that the FOMB will back down on the 150MW limit.
PREPA is submitting a list of the ranking but I do not know the exact day. 
I have no evidence this will be submitted after the election voting on Nov. 3.
This can just as easily happen before Nov 3.
The Governor of Puerto Rico publically declared her full support for Donald Trump yesterday.  
The FOMB Directors and Executive Director are chosen by the President.

10.7 Million shares of Captiva Verde

I cannot discuss the details as I am CEO of that company.  However, the Captiva Verde will execute on all promises it has made on its public news releases regarding Mexico, Solargram and Sage Ranch. 

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Greenbriar Capital Corp
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