Both Nickel and Vanadium are going to be in great demand as tied into the Multi  Billion $ GROWING EV Industry so yes my reasoning is have both GUG and CUI in my portfolio and both plays have there merits (Posted ) . Short away scumbag . Both these gems are going to be huge in 2022 as demand outstrips supply. Why do you think Billionaires are all over Vanadium and Nickel troll?. Not 2 bit shorters like you . Real names, Jack MA, Musk, Gates, Branson , Friedland, Sprott, Bezos (Posted) . Right . Later troll. I,m long on both and looking forward to burning  your short butt bigtime and often . Enjoy you last few days of tax loss. Gold is a hedge against inflation as well so right have gold plays as well . Later loser. Long GUG.