Blackstone shelved the projects due to the major collapse in the price of nickel in 2007 through 2009. The permits were finally cancelled by the Swedish mining authority and both deposits came open for staking, and Gungnir quickly submitted applications to acquire both deposits in 2015. Jarri worked for Blackstone so knew these claims very well ! As for Lundin they did not get back into Nickel it appears till 2013 when they acquired a NA project that was a lot closer to production !


Maxmoe wrote: Really? 40 years ago? Are you purposely obtuse or just completely ignorant kitty/ 10 other user names? How many major mining companies walk from deposits 40 years ago, 60 years ago, 12 years ago during the last big collapse in ALL mining stocks ? Answer? ALL of them. They call it "focus" or "high grading".  It's legendary how often small companies pick up abandoned properties from majors at the bottom of EVERY cycle, only to sell the same properties at a HUGE profit at the top of the next cycle. What a schmuck. You're supposition is an embarrassment. Start another username. I have no idea if gug will have a great drill program in 2022, and neither does anyone else but it's sure obvious you either have no idea what you are talking about or you have an agenda justifying your stupid posts. Good luck to goldy and his followers. Kitty and your crew of trolls can GFY. On to ignore you go.

KittyWhisperer wrote:
40 years ago along with other majors? My DD shows the deposit was to smalla nd uneconomical for them to want to keep.Please advise