Resources junk when it traded at .02 cents ? Under the cover of personal attacks the shorts run their BS games transparent and one hell of a waste of energy ! You make money where it gives you a shot ! I sold around 200,000 @ .14/.145 to help with my tax bill and have since bought it back @ .095/.10 anyway its there if it presents itself ! The mining business is like most other lifer businesses farming, racetrack, banking they all know it other. I find it of interest that Altius streams for Lundin who was on this claim earlier and also streams for Vale and has a future stream agreement if it gets there with Gungnir ! Vale has just created a 100 million dollar fund for startups where if a smaller outfit meets certain criteria Vale will take a position in the startup Jr and help  ! Don't have to be too bright to see what a lift that would be to a junior miner ????