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Therefore, if EVs mean lithium ion batteries, EVs must now mean critical minerals and mining.

As a result of surging EV battery demand and a lack of new supply, pressure on the critical minerals that fuel lithium ion battery production have been increasing.

Since January 2020, Benchmark’s lithium prices have increased by over 700%, nickel by 250%, cobalt and manganese by 100%, and graphite by over 25%.

And right now, there is not enough of these raw materials in the pipeline to take the majority of EV makers beyond 2030.

While upwards of $500bn has flowed into building the 285 gigafactories around the world – and $150bn last year alone – critical mineral mines and mid stream processing plants have not seen anywhere like this type of investment.

But to have the ultimate sway of industrial power you need to own the mines, in part or in full.

This is the only way to guarantee the raw material to make your batteries and EVs.