Well nice to see someone is selling their shares below 1/2 cent. Now that shares are rolled back and basically should be trading for 10 cents someone has taken it lower than the low. If you want it to be less than 10 cents keep dumping them at 4 cents. HBK has the product but thanks to the worlds demands at this time thanks to C-19 mongering to a nouvice it looks like no money for infrastructure although everywhere you drive the highways are crumbling and bridges in dire straights for repair. More people coming to Canada requiring housing and this Liberal Government doesn't mind printing money. Surely someone has their eyes on that pit of gold. Under $15,000,000 shares outstanding should be a lot easier to sell this quarry off for $16,000,000 or more leaving enough to get us a buck a share at some point. When we peddle our shares off for 4 cents the interested party looks at us all with the same eye thinking all I have to do is offer $6,400,000. Am I wrong ?