an you haven't seen the bottom yet. To bad mgnt. didn't do their homework as to how consolidations work , then they wouldn't have done it. The company didn't have that many shares out, but how many weeks will it take before the news they are issuing more shares as that is how the consolidation scam works.  They will have some lame brain reason why they have to issue shares. They where going to try an sell the project but that didn't pan out. Then they tried a new venture but that didn't pan out. Then they thought share holders may get a dividend an that didn't pan out. Then I believe a possible reverse take over an that didn't pan out. Now a 1 for 10 consolidation that happened but imo that won't pan out an investors will be left with almost worthless shares. A consolidation takes the risk reward out of owning a PENNY STOCK. Example- if you own a 100,000 shares an the stock goes up 5 cents you make $5000 dollars. Now you own 10,000 shares so it has to go up 50 cents . Good Luck With That One as they couldn't get it up a nickel.  Will see who'r right in the weeks to come ,