Lol. Risky assets have been getting decimated as of late with many inflated tech stocks (Nasdaq)
down 50% , so naturally people are waking up for the fact that bubbles occurred because of low interest rates - ultra accommodative environment. If the best of times is behind us, and stagflation is up next, gold will seriously shine, which I believe is what's being now understood by many. We're in the first innings imho.
I must confess, that I am less than impressed with how High is performing lately. Many Jr's responded to rising silver and gold today, and few of them have the assets - deposits- grades in jurisdictions that HIGH does. I don't get it. We have all the boxes checked including a sr. producer, ownership by well respected mutual funds and heavy hitters (Tognetti, McEwan, etc), super tight float, $27milliom I mean  WTF gives here??!!!!!!
Still long 30k shares but Lord this has been a painful investment to hold.