Circumstantial evidence is enough to hang him by the nuts. I assume HE without proof, just because of this arrogance.

This concept of marketing of DBC is just coincidental with the way things are developping.

Your message is very much in synch with the pumper tean that always threatens anyone not singing the same tune.

So I say Vive la Liberte! Liberte d'expression! Fuddle Doodle Newsday!

Happy St-Jean Baptiste.

Newsday101 wrote:
To be clear, today you made the following claim :
Breizh1 wrote: Ah Ah, just because you are on a paid pumpers team,
Since you seem to insinuate the existence of a paid pumper team, and since, as you rightly say:
Breizh1 wrote: Pumping is illegal and you should know that before someone takes you down to the legal lane.
Do you have any evidence indicating that someone or some company is paying anybody to "pump HPQ" on any board?
Also, do you have evidence that DevelopBC is a paid pumper?
Because if not, you are in fact slandering not only DevelopBC but also HPQ and that could make you subject to liable legal actions.