This market can be bigger when lithium is not a major component...Silicon metal powders will reduce or eliminate the use of lithium and the environmental cost and eliminate the explosive battery problem.....underground parking lots are banning EV's because of this deadly problem....ferrys next ?...your garage ?... Solid state Silicon batteries are the future....fortunately Hpq has more than Silicon for batteries as lucrative as that is...the QRR has produced the best nano & atomized powders which are the cheapest & most green ever created...that are going to take a very large piece of every market they enter.... HPQ is on the launch pad ready to blast into the sights of every investor on the planet....the SP will reach new highs by the time the laggards clue-in....Pyr will be busy building QRR systems to fill Bernard's new plant & the licensed plants built around the world that will further enhance the local environment benefits ....Millions of pounds or is it ton's ? ..of Si metals are used every year.....guess who will take the lion's share of this market ?...HPQ will..... Bernard knows this....I know this....Elon Musk knows this....when the SP is at $20 and climbing everyone else will know this,,, better late than never I guess....and we can wax poetic about the shares we bought for pennies.....excuse me for laughing....all the way to the Pyrogenesis & HPQ Millionaire's Club.....uncleron is always right !..cheers
CrazyProphet wrote:

The global lithium silicon battery market size is estimated to grow from USD 10 million in 2022 to USD 247 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 48.4 % from 2022 to 2030