Accelerating core organic growth above secular trend for the Q ahead of another accretive acquisition this spring more likely or not. I like it.
Made analysts 6.4M Q4 revenue estimate look quite silly putting up 7.1M+ in revenue. That doubling or Q4 organic growth number of 14% vs full year organic number of 7% bodes so well for the future and shows the cross selling opportunities they have in front of them with the US expansion.
2 Key Lines Mr. Wolf in press release;

“Looking forward into 2018, we expect to see accelerating growth in our worldwide business, driven by continued strong performance of our services and consumables brands, augmented by substantial growth in the US as our new, direct sales team hits its stride…”
“…Finally, our acquisition program continues to be an important element in our growth plans.”
Analysts have some serious catch up to play for revenue estimates. Must ratchet numbers higher to account for organic growth rate. (Current 26.9M has to at least go to 30M not including additional acquired revenue).