I see that Endurance Gold did a private sale of a million shares (after market close) yesterday for $0.1021 per share. Interesting to see how this all plays out. Eric Sprott likes making these types of backdoor purchases but there hasn't been any insider filings yet (could still come though).
May be somebody "new" quietly looking to establish a position. 12,400,000 PP shares
+1,240,000 immediate warrants + 1,000,000 Endurance Gold equates to 9,933,519 shares or 8.3% of the new share float.(insiders took 4,666,481 shares) Who knows if they bought on the open market to get their 9.9% without anybody being the wiser. Next week should give us some better clues.
There has been rumours (in Sudbury) that one of the major players has been taking an interest in teaming up with Inventus to explore Sudbury 2.0.
Something's up. 
Little guys will have to wait and see ,as usual, unfortunately.