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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Cub Energy Inc V.KUB

Alternate Symbol(s):  TPNEF

Cub Energy Inc is engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas, power generation and gas trading in Ukraine. The company conducts all of its operations in one industry, in Ukraine. Its revenue relates to natural gas and condensate sales, gas trading and power generation in Ukraine.

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Germany has 2 Months gas in Storage

If Russia cuts off its gas supplies to Germany, Germany only have 2 months storage of natural gas left. And, that looks to be the case. Sanctioning Russia for no benefit to Germany while doing no more
@ the Bell: Commodities drag TSX stocks lower as recession fears grip global markets
Canada’s main stocks index slid more than 1 per cent on Tuesday, following up a bigger market selloff as global recession worries came to the forefront, while energy stocks dipped along with oil... read article.
@ the Bell: Markets start second half of '22 trading on upbeat note
Canada’s resources-heavy stock index rose on Monday as oil prices gained and investors returned from a long weekend to purchase riskier assets that have been battered by concerns over a global... read article.

RE:Strategic Update

There are other considerations here from this Ukraine war. The new energy strategy of the Russian Federation has had an impact on reducing gas transit through the territory of Ukraine. The more

RE:Western Ukraine Shale Gas..Had Not the Donbas War happened

That was November 2013. Chevron had great hopes for developing this Western Ukraine Shale gas. RK1 and Yak2  test results of the top of this tight gas discovery confirm Chevron' s optimism  rate and reply

Western Ukraine Shale Gas..Had Not the Donbas War happened

    Ukraine signs $10 billion shale gas deal with Chevron By Pavel Polityuk, Richard Balmforth 4 more

RE:Strategic Update

Lukasz Nozzpalowski is apparently a young wealthy investor but nowadays he is making poorer and poorer bets on world affairs and stock trends.  rate and reply

Strategic Update

From a variety of indepedent sources, Russia has now 80 % of Ukraine GDP under its control. That is, essentially  all of Donbass including..or will very soon......, almost all of Ukraine' more

EU Gas Prices rise to 155 euros per MWH

Dutch front-month gas futures, the European benchmark,rose to 155 euros per megawatt-hour today. And May go higher as NS will soon shut down for maintenance and may not reopen.  rate and reply

RE:RE:It Must be Grating....

Nozzie,  why do you waste your breathe here.  To convince yourself your are right. That Russia is a super power and always will be? The Soviet Unio will be reborn! That Russia will more

RE:It Must be Grating....

Unbelievable ignorance, typical of the effect of mass pschosis  on the sheeple. The fascist Clowns of the West have applied 10,000 sanctions on Russia, yet it continues to rise above the more

It Must be Grating....

Russia, inventor of the human satellite program (first man in orbit) becomes a satellite of China (dependent of China for weapons and protection), satellite of India (for cash for Russian more

RE:Moving to Denouement

Russia's 3 day war was an absolute failure. They cannot take Ukraine  without many more months of heavy losses. In the end at best they would hold a country razed to the ground full of more
Buzz on the Bullboards: Sizzling sector highlights
It has been a sizzling few days recently for most of North America, both weather-wise and for investing discussions. The markets face a rate hike in the U.S., ongoing inflation, rising oil and... read article.

Birds of a Feather always Flock Together

SERANO , Kubgas Holdings Ltd and Kub Energy. All in the same boat and on the same fairway. When will they take flight, as they surely will.....Fore!!  rate and reply

RBC Sees Strongest Oil Market Fundamentals Ever

The case is already obvious for natural gas. It is also true for oil..  rate and reply

RE:RE:Moving to Denouement

True….shameless propaganda, the real picture is that those russian hoards with their mongole leader will soon be running to their rat holes in Moscow. Back to lard & homemade vodka….Sad more

RE:Moving to Denouement

Russian propaganda.  rate and reply

Moving to Denouement

Russians now control areas representing 80% of the GDP and gathering momentum. Its either a face saving peace settlement or total annilation of what is left of the Fascists. Command and more

Moyes and Company…Upstream Finders and advisors..

Located in Dallas near Kub Head Office.......  rate and reply

Canadian Dollar at $0.77 USD

Our USD cash has now increased to $12.7 million CAD which is 3.8 cents per share.  rate and reply

Texas Tea, Oil that is…

Head office is in Texas . Lots of suitable producing oil and gas assets for sale at affordable prices..  rate and reply

RE:EU natural gas prices at $32 per MMcf ..RK making Money

Perusing Q1 financials and removing one time expenses and most finance charges, while noting that operating costs will be substantially less due to the Kiev Office being shut down and written off, more