Bentely, based on your comments you are suggesting that management of ANY public company be permitted to modify the date or hours of the scheduled AGM without notifying their shareholders first.  Unless you can prove to me otherwise, this wasn't a virtual AGM.  Had it been investors would have been notified of such - most likely on the VIF, with additional instructions for connectivity, attendance, and voting.

Face it, your purpose here is to gain attention for yourself, demonstrate your ignorance, and kiss management's dirty feet.  For some reason you enjoy the taste of their dirty feet.  You also enjoy seeing other potential LeoNovus investors being taken by these crooks.  That is SICK!  Gaffney and his buddies may have only taken me for a few thousand dollars, however, I won't tolerate their behavior, and I will certainly try and ensure other retailers don't find themselves in the same position as myself pre-future LeoNovus private placements.

You are well aware that I hold other stocks as well, as you enjoy attacking me on other SH blogs, too.  Your pattern demonstrates your character right there.  You were taken somewhere, in life, and you want to ensure that others have to feel your pain.  Talk your Doctor.  It's apparent you are in need of treatment.  You are most likely going senile.

Bentley2000 wrote: Get over life to it's fullist...happy days every day!!!