In with a bang and out with a whimper-- no substance at all. Not a single lasting customer for any real duration at all which is the lasting mark of a sustainable company.

RIP the many people's portfolios who were impacted by this phoney baloney company. The writing on the wall was the hack, cyber crime or whatever it was that happened as shareholders were never given a clear explanation of what occurred. 

 Good luck to the many people who lost money on this in your efforts to rebuild your portfolios. 

I changed the channel on this 2 years ago when it was abundantly clear this would likely never amount to anything but have been watching out of curiosity on the sidelines much like rubberneckers do at car crashes. 

I'm curious if there are any pumpers still left ? Bentley, Tina, anyone else dare to come out of the woodworks to praise your dear leader and his fantastic (allegedly) results?