Mexican Gold will do exactly what Pallisades wants it to do since they control it.

Collin Kettell is a huge fan of warrants  and  he has a boatload in Mexican so I expect he will

want to realize a nice gain in those warrants and I expect his strategy will be such that he

sees that happen.   Expect Mr. Kettell  through Pallisades to market this just as he has done

New Found Gold  and  Nevada.    The nice thing through Pallisades is you do not have to 

worry about Mexican getting funded since they have deep pockets.   His relationship with 

Sprott certainly helps as well.  I find it interesting that Mexican has been kept out of the public

eye so far.  I think that is a delibarate strategy.  Connect all the dots and you have to feel 

extremely confident on this company.    The shares and warrants at these levels are like 

having won the jackpot in my opinion.