It is sooooo  obvious that the wall of warrants  at .045 cents is meant to scare the 

holders of these warrants to sell  in my humble opinion.   I  am fully invested but if I had 

more cash I would eat those warrants up.   Mexcian as the people who know this company well

has a million oz.  in the ground and has barely scratched the surface of the land package and 

historically  the data on this land package is expected to hold multi million oz.   It is not a 

coincidence that Pallisades  who also are the major holder of New Found as well as many 

other top rate companies  had gotten involved with Mexican early on.   When no one had 

interest in the space Pallisades chose Mexican as one of their first investments  ...  the pick of 

the litter.   Financing of this company is ensured with Pallisades being the major holder of both

stock and warrants.   And as Colin Kettell has said  ...  he loves warrants.   Anyone with half

a brain can connect the dots   ...   this company is going to heights not dreamed of over the 

next couple of years in this secular gold bull run we are about to experience.    Colin will want

much more for his warrants  ....   so why in the world are people watching this wall of warrants

at .045 cents  ???    Do you become scared and sell at ridiculous prices under .045 cents  or

do you have the brains to eat the .045 cent warrants up  ....  hellooooooooo