As per the news release the one issue that was an overhang on Mexican  has been ruled on and 

the judgement goes in favor of Mexican.   This opens the door wide open for them to expand and

drill more.   The one million oz already sitting there is nothing if one goes back to the historical

data that exists.   This by the time its over will be a multi million oz find which will be economical

and anyone who buys up these warrants and shares at these prices which are way to ridiculous to

even contemplate how a company like this has a valuation of $5 million dollars.   A million oz 

plus the massive potential  for $5 million dollars.   Just think about it for a second.   In this

business the precious metals sector is all about valuation.   I have been on other boards especially

some of the Newfoundland plays and I pointed out you had companies who had not drilled one 

hole going for ridiculous amounts.   This one ...  Mexican  ... is the other extreme.  Tax loss selling 

has had an impact,   the long long correction in the sector has had an impact,   the fact that the 

sector in general has little money flow into it and that my friends is a delibarate act by the powers

that be  ...  while they accumulate from the weak hands.   But all this is coming to an end  ...  so 

many long term charts are pointing to that we are here  ...  the point of blast off.  It will just rocket

up in one day  ..   and wont look back.