A preliminary economic assessment showing the positives of this project  with a million oz of

gold,  and barely scratching the surface of the land package which has a high probability of 

increasing the oz,   combine it with the historical work and knowledge  that has been done and

you find a ready in no time project selling in an environment where the precious metals miners

are on sale for multiples lower of what they should be nevermind where they are going.

So what do you invest in  ....  real estate where the prices are so overinflated and where income 

from rents are at risk in this economy/covid/lockdowns,   or maybe bitcoin where prices are 

high for something that no one can show you,  or the general stockmarket where again prices

are over inlated because the federal reserve is propping it up and buying everything,  or would you

rather buy bonds where you are at an absolute for losing a minimum of 10% per year,  or

buying the asset class that is delibarately being held down,  and all that is required is patience.  

Oh,  and when it blows,  it is not waiting for anyone.   Mexican here folks is trading at a 

valuation of $6 million dollars for one million oz of gold and a hoard more to be found.   In some

places $6 million dollars buys you one house.