The senior producers were first off the mark,  mid tier producers,  junior producers,  about to 

become producers,  advanced explorers,  down to the junior explorers and then the 

explorers themselves are subdivided according to how advanced and quality and geopolitics etc. 

So the pecking order goes and Mexican will soon go kaboom.   Collin Kettle/Pallisades is no 

fool.   He was not going to market Mexican who had done their PEA,  with wonderful 

economics in an environment such as the last year when the correction was happening.

He was going to wait until confirmation that the correction is over and done and that has just

occurred   ...   this is only the beginning.

Anything available here  ...  and I would suggest the warrants  MEX.WT  which provide even

better leverage than the stock  ...  but the stock also  MEX.V  which is trading at a price 

which in many high end cities won't buy you an apartment.    For a million oz of gold and 

a lot more in the ground with a very favorable PEA which anyone can go and read.   Anyone

wanting more insight should also read the article in the Northern Miner regarding Mexican.

Expect lots of promotion from Collin/Pallisades in my opinion.   He has amassed quite a 

wonderful portfolio of properties including New Found Gold   and  Mexican was in that 

portfolio very early on when he had his choice of properties.   What does that tell you ?