ok, so as per Akibas tweet 30m units @40c = 12m to to be used to compete the build. Looks like new shareholder/s( non Wexford money). Also getting kicker of 15m warrants struck at .60c

41m units @40c = 16.4m to pay back debt. Looks like wexford are buying these so essentially swapping debt for equity with kicker of 20.5m warrants struck at .60c

Couple of thoughts:
-12m to finish the mine build, isnt this alot more than Akiba had guided previously was needed?

-Good to see a top tier firm like Stifel sponsorship and presumably some new institutions getting involved

-Not thrilled with the freebie warrants but at least their struck higher than current share price. I wonder will these new warrants create a big overhang when we get to the .60c level