Uh huh.

The more likely story is that you realized you had committed fraud by editing and posting that "takeover" notice and devised the "china website" story to C.Y.A.

tom1111 wrote: SNOWDRIFT AND MOLLYRILEY: I also had my suspicion when I came across the news of a takeover. As a matter of fact, I tried again to locate the website and it was no longer on the internet. I do recall that it originated from China, so go figure!!! That being said, I could see a possible takeover given that the Cap valuation is only 16 million dollars (number of shares X 8.5 cents per share at last closing). Any mid-size or large corporation could buy out MRS without blinking an eye. I BELIEVE it is going to happen, also given the fact that the stock is still halted. We'll soon see!!!