hold on to your hats is all I am saying

how much your shares are worth you say  ?   ..........

many dollars per share   

Metallis is easily one of the most undervalued  companies for what they have

and what I love is it is so under the radar 

even Sprott who has a position  ...  while most of his holdings ae visible  ... this one is not

I used to be able to see it but it is not visible to me  ...  correct me if I am wrong

and it was never disclosed he sold his shares

The amount of stock availbable after you take out management and some of the key 

shareholders,  is miniscule,  nevermind that even the miniscule is soooooo  tightly held.

So at the end of the day  ...  you want a significant position  ...  you are not getting it 

unless you pay handsomely  ...  this baby is not only going to the moon but it is going to

another universe !