As the last couple of days of tax loss season wind down  and as the level 2s always tell us

that the amount of selling  in this stock is non existant   and  as we wait for assay results 

which in my opinion are sending this one to the moon   ...   I would point out that quiet 

accumulation of many precious metals stocks has been happening for months now.

In my opinion there has been a delibarate attempt to turn the focus away from this sector.

Like I posted in another stock comments   ....  when they want you to look here than run away and

when they are trying to get you to not look  ....  that is where you want to be.

I could have I should have   ......   the opportunity is sitting in front of peoples faces   but  

what will most do  ????

Level 2s show as always that the slightest bit of positive news sends this one  to twice the 

current price.  

Metallis Resources Inc. (CA:MTS)
Size Bid Ask Size
13500 0.270 0.290 13500
3500 0.265 0.295 4000
15000 0.260 0.315 2000
3000 0.250 0.330 5500
5000 0.245 0.340 5000