The market in the precious metals sector has become the most manipulated,  pull out of a hat,

joke.   Three days I am watching this week and it is week after week that this has been happening, 

where you have hardly any volume.  It is not just the low float companies but companies with

pretty large floats.   They have been going at the sector for a year and a half already.   The 

nervous Nellies have long disappeared.  They are desparately setting up icebergs,  and shorting,

in an attempt to pick off measly number of shares,  but there are hardly any to be found.  

For the little guy or gal the only thing happening is maybe sell one stock to trade for another.

Wallbridge right now for half a day at 65K shares,  Sokoman at 70K shares.  Things like Mexican 

Gold or Excellon have been taken down bit by bit where right now  ...  half day into trading they

have not traded anything.   This phenomenon honestly  ...  I have never seen action like this in 

this sector.   So yes  ...  the coil has been compressed for a year and a half and when it is let go

then look out.  There wont be time to get anything.   Metallis has put out very excellent results,

just like a number of other companies but right now this sector is being held back.  Anyone with

any money and brains should be buying buying buying like crazy.