With all the precious metal indexes breaking out on the technicals  the senior companies have

been putting in wonderful gains  and  what follows in pecking order are the mid tier down to 

finally the exploration companies.   Many of the exploration companies are at oversold, and 

very very cheap prices.   Some,  like Metallis who have very  tiny floats  have been hard to 

accumulate if you want a sizeable position.   As I mentioned in my previous post  if you tally up

all the shares traded from mid .20s to here,  you find that the volume has been very tight.

Below is a three year chart which shows the correction and shows how this stock is tightly

coiled and will easily reach for its 90 day average at about .27 cents for starters.  Anything one 

accumulates here will be a very nice gain in a very short time frame in my opinion.

C : MTS - METALLIS RESOURCES INC - Technical  3 mo  6 mo  1 yr  2 yr  3 yr  5 yr  10 yr  15 yr  20 yr

Simple Moving Avg (30) ——Simple Moving Avg (90) ——