It is the same story for many of the pennies.

Patience is what is required and after this much time so many have been thrown off the bull.

March is the first month that the GDXJ  will finally show a monthly break out  after a very very

long wait.   So the fun is just beginning.   The CEOs of many of these companies are not stupid.

MTS will do a financing but I believe the pricing will be higher than what the share price is now.

Too much money is looking for a home and a project like this has no problem finding cash.

April will be a fun month and share prices will go up substantially in my opinion.

I believe this go round MTS will  bring in a bigger financing and believe that they are looking

at the timing of the precious metals bull.   Smart  managers have been quiet with news, etc.

waiting for things to heat up again.

MTS  is a darling of the Golden Triangle and anyone with the guts to buy down here and hold,

or for those who have been holding   ...   the reward is coming.

Patience is just one of those things that many people can not master.