and will continue to be dead, we are 10 years away from seeing any movement in this sector.....when you are driving down the road, count how many E-cars on on the road.....none!!!!
this will not change anytime soon, the EV pump and dump was because of Biden and the sector is toast....all the pumped stocks in this sector are trading at all time lows....its a joke, I guess the dummies on this board have not seen the oil and gas boom thats taking place....greed loves oil, the dummy traders beliveing in E- are lost sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse.
the owner of the largest  large auto dealer on the East coast, told me  that he sells no E cars and does not stock many of these cars, he said, nobody is interested it the hassel of owning my city, I've seen 3 Telsla's on the traders pay attention, kool-aid drinkers never take profits and will always sell at a loss down the raod, this china scam has no money and will dump shares going forward.!!