As you move into the Prairies, you predominately see Pick-up trucks.   Where I am,  I see many Teslas and electric vehicles on the road.    I guess it depends where you live.   As far as the stock price is concerned,  there is almost always a consolidation after a spike.  We need the dip before the rip.    
I have been in BCRX since 3.30'S.   This has been attacked by shorts consistently  We are north of $16 now,     My point is,  shorting a stock and no revenues  means s all when  you have a disruptive product.   Proof  of concept  and fundamentals can carry this further.    Mind you to a certain point.    
I would make sure I am hedged on a stock like this if I was shorting.   A simple announcement can really put you in a squeeze very quickly.    
It's a great trader right now.    
I don't mind shorts as they have to cover eventually. 
Remember folks.   At times bulls may be shorts and shorts may be bulls.  Always have a plan.