Nubeva signs multiyear licence deal for SKI


2020-12-15 08:35 ET - News Release


Mr. Steve Perkins reports


Nubeva Technologies Ltd. has entered into a multiyear licensing agreement with a leading global network performance and security software provider. The agreement licenses Nubeva's award-winning Symmetric Key Intercept (SKI) software suite to enhance the provider's existing products and enable visibility into encrypted network traffic. The seven-figure agreement includes an up front payment, annual licensing fees and royalties as the SKI technology is placed into service. 

"More than 90% of all traffic is TLS (SSL) encrypted for security and privacy, yet full packet inspection is an imperative for security and application monitoring by enterprises and government entities," said Steve Perkins, Chief Marketing Officer at Nubeva. "Adoption of Nubeva's breakthrough SKI technology is becoming a must-have for security and monitoring systems challenged by modern encryption standards and ever-evolving computing and networking models. This agreement cements one of the world's leading network performance and security monitoring companies as an OEM licensee of our Symmetric Key Intercept technology."

Nubeva Symmetric Key Intercept provides best-in-class functionality and advanced visibility into traffic previously impossible to see with the growing adoption of TLS 1.3. The software provides dramatically improved decryption capability, price performance, and simplicity of both development and end-user operation over previous methods of decryption. SKI technology has broad applicability and use cases including next-generation firewalls, secure web gateways and proxies, SD-WAN, intrusion prevention, APT, and DLP systems as well as application monitoring and assurance systems. The solution also has unique and powerful applicability to 5G packet core monitoring.

"We created a new, state-of-the-art way to discover and extract session encryption secrets from servers and clients for VMs, containers, Kubernetes, and metal, in clouds and datacenters, regardless of protocol, ciphers, or session type," said Randy Chou, CEO at Nubeva. "With Nubeva embedded in this provider's software solutions, their clients will be able to identify and respond to more anomalies and security risks."

In 2020, the company licensed its software to numerous manufacturers including multi-billion dollar companies and high-growth providers in the security and network monitoring space. Nubeva's turnkey solution can be adopted and customized quickly by a wide range of solutions to close the visibility gap created by modern encryption.

Since Nubeva's software gives the licensee a competitive advantage, a public announcement is anticipated in the new year, when the product is formally released.

About Nubeva Technologies Ltd.

Nubeva Technologies Ltd. has changed the decrypted visibility game with pure, symmetric decryption. Nubeva helps enterprises gain the visibility needed through decryption so they can fully inspect network traffic. The need to inspect data in motion is fundamental to network security and application monitoring and assurance. The shift to SaaS, the cloud, and stronger encryption practices like perfect forward secrecy and TLS 1.3, create new and unique challenges for in-line and out-of-band decryption and visibility solutions. Nubeva re-imagined TLS visibility and created a new solution for the modern era of strong encryption in dynamic and distributed compute environments. Visit for more information.

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