Neptune Digital releases DeFi program

2021-12-07 10:47 ET - News Release

Mr. Cale Moodie reports


Neptune Digital Assets Corp. has launched its proprietary DeFi program, bringing cutting-edge innovation and a new earnings stream to Neptune.

Decentralized finance, or more commonly referred to as DeFi, brings traditional financial products, such as loans and exchanges, to the blockchain without the need of centralized institutions that charge fees for the transactions. DeFi uses smart contracts to facilitate and secure the transactions which are available on the blockchain public ledger, bringing a new level of transparency and control for individuals. Neptune has officially launched its DeFi operations with a number of financial products that are now generating a new stream of earnings for the Company.

"DeFi represents a significant opportunity for Neptune", states Cale Moodie, CEO of Neptune. "It allows for faster and cheaper financial transactions and services for organizations and the general public. This equates to efficient and decentralized financial services, while keeping more money in the customers pockets, when compared to existing legacy systems. We are very excited about Neptune's future in DeFi and the potential yield we can generate. This is a nascent space and, as such, we have carefully and methodically selected protocols that we trust, that are run by non-anonymous individuals and groups that have a history of success. Although DeFi is in its infancy, our program is proving to be very lucrative and we will continue to evolve in the space and maximize returns for shareholders."

Neptune has integrated multiple DeFi blockchain protocols into its DeFi program. Fantom and Avalanche are two examples of decentralized finance protocols that are being used by Neptune. Both Fantom and Avalanche are smart contract-capable blockchain protocols focused on fast transaction speed and low cost, making them ideal for DeFi. Neptune will continue to research, deploy, and evolve its DeFi program based on our proprietary assessment tools in order to determine which projects are the most likely to succeed over the coming years.