I am not the one making up stories and selling shares to the public on any of those tickers but do still have hope for a few of them. Aka NERD and PKG. Unfortunately that is the nature of penny stocks. Most of the time you get burnt by the ones making up the stories that support their lifestyles through insane salaries, options and mostly BS consulting fees. If my mood has changes, as it did here for obvious reasons, I don't continue pretending I approve of what is going on. We aren't all sheep and I don't buy stocks just cause someone says to just like you and others. I do my DD first. 

You do realize NSP is down around 98% from it's high of $1.05 since the first meaningful pump of stuff that mostly didn't happen as advertised if at all and you have been positive on it ever since. Derrr? Give me a tap when one of my picks hits -98%. Next