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I am not the one making up stories and selling shares to the public on any of those tickers but do still have hope for a few of them. Aka NERD and PKG. Unfortunately that is the nature of penny stocks. Most of the time you get burnt by the ones making up the stories that support their lifestyles through insane salaries, options and mostly BS consulting fees. If my mood has changes, as it did here for obvious reasons, I don't continue pretending I approve of what is going on. We aren't all sheep and I don't buy stocks just cause someone says to just like you and others. I do my DD first. 

You do realize NSP is down around 98% from it's high of $1.05 since the first meaningful pump of stuff that mostly didn't happen as advertised if at all and you have been positive on it ever since. Derrr? Give me a tap when one of my picks hits -98%. Next

Hey “divot111”,

I am not the one making up stories and selling shares to the public either; but I guess it’s not ok for anyone (especially me) in NSP to have hope…but it’s ok for you to have hope in your picks.

Double standard just like we should be buying up all the cheapies but that argument doesn’t apply to you and your picks with tons of cheapies available.

As you suggest, buying some penny stocks isn’t much different than going to a casino unless you do DD first. You say you did your DD and so far sad 7 out of 8, great track record; then you suggest we just buy NSP because someone says we should – we don’t do DD :<)  LOL 4 sure!

Sure NSP is down ~98% from its all time high of $1.05 years ago but it’s still in business and trading.   Any of these picks of yours from years ago still around, in business and trading PNDP, TYP, HIMP & PEH? Next.

Unlike you I don’t go on other boards and continually tell people how stupid they are for owning “XYZ” instead of NSP – year after year you been doing that – what is it now 6 years?  I post about NSP on the NSP board only.  If I decide I made a mistake getting into a stock and decide it’s time to sell, I sell and move on.  I don’t whine/complain that it was someone else’s fault that I made a bad decision and had a loss.  
divot111 wrote: Post #34139231 Hey DKM. I missed where you showed how much NSP was down percentagewise in the same period of time. Looks like we are all down a bunch since then. Lol, semantics

Hey “divot111”,

You didn’t miss it, no need to post it since you kept everyone so well informed with your constant posts about NSP hitting new all time lows &  going lower, etc. etc. 

I have no problem stating that NSP was at .07 on March 22nd and closed at .03 today so it is down 57.143% during the same period.

Typical divot, LOL  ;<) 
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