OMFG are you ever a wagon …I’ve never witnessed such a rockpile as you… ok duster, lets go in reverse so you can maybe grasp this … if a stock goes from .01 cent UP to $120, what is the percentile gain in the share price??? Can you handle that? If you can, which I have serious doubts and for good reason as this is the 5th time I’ve tried to see if you can, simply reverse that in a loss, as in $120 decrease to .01 cent.. now rockpile, think carefully, what percent decrease in the share price does that equal??? Waiting and severely laughing in pure hysterics as well as many of people I just sent a screen shot of this to. I actually hope you get it right this time, although it will still be hilarious if you get it wrong yet again…unreal. I don’t even think a calculator can help you… purely blown away that you’re actually allowed to manage your own money. And although you seemingly don’t realise it, you’re not winning this exchange, which in itself is hilarious that you appear to think you are. And for context, the member was pointing out where you called buys on stocks and the share price and where the share price currently sits. Therefore, he/she was displaying how poorly a drop in share price your buy calls where to were they percentile wise ended up. And literally, you’re buy calls are just as every bit bad as your math.
Oh, and for the seventh (7th) time, I ask, if you don’t own shares in NSP, why are you here?