Still no LINK to anyone saying the same thing you are making up? Odd eh? And yet it is me who can't comprehend something that there is no factual data anywhere to justify. You claim there is data but won't share it. Weird. Hahahahahahaha! And now your mission is really to take out bashers and we should just move on. Proving I am a basher is a whole different argument that you will lose too.

Why don't you just POST the factual information already and win your theoretical argument? I enjoy talking to people who make stuff up and watch them try to convince others that their information is real by using deflection and every excuse in the book to not post any factual information relating to the discussion. This IS fun! But at the same time sad knowing you will not provide any data to back up your nonsense. Your made up math is not fact based or you would provide proof of your up math. Pretty obvious who is correct. Santa Clause and the Tooth fairy are sitting here with me agreeing and laughing.

I even posted one of the things you told me to Google so I would have clarity of your nonsense and you completely ignored it. Aka the definition of percentile and how it works that does not back up your fairytale argument. Nor does anything you have told me to Google. Why is that? Maybe cause the data doesn't exist? I can make up fake equations to try and validate up fake truths too but I choose not to. I deal in facts and reality. Good luck numbnuts. You know how to get me to agree so why not just do it? Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr