You have been proven wrong with facts aka actual math and data yet the conman in you believes you should just keep spewing the same dishonest information that doesn't support your dishonest use of the term percentile. You are not going to belittle me into submission. No way for you to know whether I have lost or made money anywhere but hey present your lies as fact like all of your other made up nonsense.

How about sticking to your original script of being down thousands of percentile on a stock, which is literally impossible, instead of deflecting to your endless made up nonsense that has nothing to do with your original phony argument? And yes there is a bigger percentage loss from 1000 to .01 than 100 to .01 but it still is less than 100% as 100% is the max anyone can be down on a stock. Any more factual math you want me to deliver numbnuts? You seem delusional but we all know you are not. You are a hukster.

I can't believe you will continue to subject this board to your blatant lies and misinformation. And for what? To feed your trolling ego? Derrrrrrrrr. The others watching this pathetic back and forth know 100% that your argument is incorrect but their unrelenting hate for me will keep them from calling you out which will in turn keep them subjected to this ridiculous argument that you have 100% lost from the start. Oh well. Maybe they enjoy the banter. I will not back down and you will not get away with the con game you are playing. Why is it so hard to admit you made a mistake regarding the use of the term percentile? Or was it a mistake? You are wrong and you know it.

Oh and if you read my previous post you will get your answer as to why I keep posting here. But you already know that too and dishonestly pretend you didn't read that part. What else would a completely dishonest dolt do in that situation? Sad that some people find it so hard to be honest.