Divot, you got waxed.. you and your Kirkland Lake grade 3 math diploma simply lost, you couldn’t comprehend and were essentially too folded to realize you have no argument, math, facts ..nothing. You got waxed so badly I feel sympathy for you.. why can’t you answer simple questions? Can’t you display any math and you’ve been so busy taking beatings for a week, you haven’t been able to bash NSP, a company you have no share ownership in yet are the NSP boards #1 poster. Just a total wagon of meat

Judging by your little buddy NTB, he studied at the same school as you and you both account for early 80% of the posts on a board neither of you own shares in. ..think about how lame that is.

NTB, I might have been told things but it wasn’t by David. Why would I excited about doubling money ..get out of here you bottom scraping goblin. I can just see you getting all cranked about doubling your money and heading downtown to upgrade your e-bike hahahahaha ..maybe go buy a box of Mr. Noodles too keep you full for the month.

When are you two goblins going to leave mom’s basement and go get laid? I can just imagine the lot lizards the two of you wheel with your empty wallets. I love watching you two donkeys get all excited when NSP goes up or down half a cent, its like watching carnies searching for change fallen out of peoples pockets at the carnival.

For the 18 th time Divot, why are you the number one poster on the NSP board and own no shares in NSP??????????