Lol. You looked at DKM's real math and took that opportunity to try and insult me about my losses, which I have no issue, using a made up theory that I was down thousands of percentile on my picks which is literally impossible. I think you actually believed your mistake at first but when you got corrected with actual math you went on defence knowing full well you were wrong at the time as you currently still are. Then you took unrelated math formulas and provided examples of math that have nothing to do with the original statement you made that one can be down thousands of percentile on a stock to substantiate your ongoing lie. You are a message board troll and a hukster as diplayed by your current belittling of NTB for making factual remarks. 

It is also impossible to get 'waxed' as you continue saying in a debate about something that literally can not and does not exist. You can state the unrelated math all you want but it still can't be corrected or debated as it is not relevant to your original point. Aka FAKE!

I look forward to your next conman report of blatant lies regarding your made up theory. Round and round we go conman